Media (AUDIO/Video)


Sunday Morning Service Live Stream via Facebook

Troy Christian Church  streams our Sunday morning worship services live to our Facebook page. We try to start the steam approximately 5 minutes before service starts at 10 o'clock.


You can view the stream  at or from the embedded video options at the bottom of this page (scroll down). We are still testing how to best embed the stream.

If you do not have a Facebook account and the below embedded stream is not working, you should still be able to view the stream from our Facebook page, linked to above,  without logging in. If Facebook pops up a window asking you to Log In or to Create a New Account, you should be able to continue by clicking the small "Not Now" link at the bottom of that window.

Previously Recorded

View previously recorded/lived streamed videos at  or the Worship Service & Sermon playlist

Sermon Podcast (Audio Only) Streaming/Download

If you are unable to make a Sunday service or would just like to listen to a past message, click here for our PodOMatic page. You may listen online, download, or subscribe using iTunes or your favorite podcast program.

Audio CD

If you would like a audio CD of a Sunday sermon, please contact someone on the media team or the church office and we can get one made.


Livestream 1

You may need  to click the "Watch Now" button in the below window while we are live or after we have stopped to view (and be directed to our FB page) or continue scrolling down to LiveStream 2, which should appear (only) when we are live. 

Livestream 2

The below live stream will only be visable after we have started a live stream or after it has completed. Prior to the going live, you may see a black box with an error message.